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Özgeçmiş » Karacasu » A brief history of Alpbaz’s life

                     Prof. Dr. G.  Atilla ALPBAZ



  • (A brief history of Alpbaz’s life) ·
  •            Born in Karacasu town of city Aydın/Turkey on September 17th, 1940.
  • ·         Graduated from Agricultural Faculty of Ankara University in 1965.
  • ·         Began to work at the Agricultural Faculty of Aegean University March 1966 as assistant and he got PhD Degree in 1970, Associate prof in 1974 and been professor in 1980.
  • ·         Has studied 2 years in England about animal genetics improvement and fish culture (1970-1972) and 1,5 years in Japan, worked on aquaculture in Tokyo Fisheries University with Prof. Nomura MINORU (1975-1976)
  • ·        First Fisheries Faculty in Turkey has been established in Aegean University in 1982. and Prof. Atilla ALPBAZ has been first Dean as Founder of the faculty.
  • ·         Hardly worked on fish farming and aquaculture in Turkey since 1970 and first fish farm established in Turkey in 1969-1970. For 2013 there are more than 1500 trout farm and app 300 sea fish farm and total production app 200.000 tons. Prof ALPBAZ and many AQUACULTURE lovers from other Universities worked on this new subject for Turkey. After first Fisheries Faculty established in 1982 and for 2013 there are 24 Fisheries Faculty in Turkey and from these Faculties app 13.000 Fisheries Engineer graduated until 2012.
  • ·         Prof Alpbaz made app. 200 paper and app. 15 of them books about aquaculture as listed below.
  • ·         He has retired from the university in 2007 after 43 years work .
  • ·         After retired, he has established his private company namely ROTIFER LTD and now work with his son (Salih ALPBAZ) , his daughter  (Yasemin  FANOSCU)   and daughter in law (Ferruh FANOSCU).
  •      Rotifer Ltd representative of
         ·      New Life Spectrum aquarium fish foods, New Life International ,Inc, USA
·      Dainichi aquarium fish foods, Inochi Dba, USA
·      Great Salt Lake Artemia, Utah, USA (GSLA),
·      Advanced Hatchery Technology Inc, USA
·      Aquafauna Bio - Marine, inc USA
·      Ocean Nutrition aquarium fish foods, Belgium.
  • Rotifer Ltd. have their own brand for aquarium fish food as ROTIFISH. 
  • Prof.Alpbaz is married, has 2 children and 3 grand children. 
(Not: As Prof. ALPBAZ, I am very grateful to the Japanese Government and especially to Prof. Dr Nomura MINORU who gave me these very important opportunity to study in Tokyo Fisheries University on aquaculture, 1975-76. Many thanks from my heart )
  C V
Karacasu-Aydın /TURKEY
Office Information
Rotifer Su Urunleri ve Yay. San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
Metal Isleri Kisik Sanayi Sitesi, 4.Cadde, No:19,
Kisikkoy-Menderes-Izmir, TURKEY
Mobile phone
High school 
Aydın high school
1960-1961  as  lieutenant
Agricultural Faculty at Ankara University
Department of Zootechni  Ankara /Turkey
Agriculture Engineer
June 1965-march 1966
Zerbank.   Erzincan and Denizli
1966- 2007
Aegean University Agricultural Faculty – Fisheries Faculty
1970  Aegean University Animal Breeding Department
Associate professor
Eroctor Dean
1982- 1994
Fisheries Faculty . Aegean university
Owner of Rotifer Ltd
2007 ----

 MAİN BOOKS Related Aquaculture education  

    All is Turkish


 Basic Aquaculture

(Genel su ürünleri yetiştiriciliği)

 1978  265 Pages  

 Aquarium Technique

(Akvaryum tekniği)

1984 404 Pages

 Ansiklopedia for Aquarium Fish

(Akvaryum balıkları ansiklopedisi)

 1990  213 Pages

 Culture of Molluscan and Prawn

(Kabuklu ve eklembacaklılar yetiştiriciliği)

 1993  317 Pages

 Sea Fish Culture

(Deniz balıkları yetiştiriciliği)

 1995  336 Pages  

 Fish Improwement

(Balık ıslahı)

 1998  112 Pages

 Breeding Gold Fish

(japon balığı üretimi)

 2000  142 Pages

 Inland Fish Farming

(İç su balıkları yetiştiriciliği)

 2002  223 Pages  

 Aquaculture of Species

(Su ürünleri yetiştiriciliği)

 2005  576 Pages

 Projects for Fish Farming


 2005  195 Pages

 Fish Hooking

(Olta balıkçılığı)

2008   634 Pages  
There are app 200 article please go to and press  paper list ‘Yayın listesi’ and 'Gazete arşivi' (Newspapers give news about Alpbaz)