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Picture: About 200 businesses established in Florida in the USA have very successful practices in aquarium fish farming. The picture shows a business that breeds aquarium fish in outdoor ponds in Florida.

In order to await improvement in this regard in our country, state control must be ensured in the import of aquarium fish and illegal attempts must be prevented.



It may not be necessary to give much information about aquarium fish breeding in this book. In addition, it is not possible to reserve much space in this book for this subject. However, the place of aquarium fish in aquaculture is very important. Because there are many countries that consider aquarium fish production as an aquaculture branch and generate quite a lot of income from this production branch.

Therefore, it would be useful to provide some information about the commercial breeding of aquarium fish in economic terms. Aquarium fish are treated for an ornamental and recreational purpose. But behind this hobby area, there is a very large aquaculture sector formed to meet the demands of the enthusiasts.

Our country has suitable climatic conditions for many fish species in terms of aquarium fish breeding. For this reason, it has a very important potential in terms of growing hundreds of species included in the aquarium hobby and exporting to other countries. Each aquarium fish has a separate breeding technique. Therefore, there will be differences between aquaculture practices for each fish species to be considered. We will recommend the "AQUARIUM FISH ENCYCLOPEDIA", which we have published before, to those who want to do aquaculture or get more information. (MAIL: There are around 1,000 images in this book and basic information about the breeding of hundreds of fish species is provided. Those who are curious about general aquarium information can benefit from our book named "Aquarium Technique". In addition, a lot of information in this book is presented to the readers on our site.

In our country, there are many small businesses that raise aquarium fish commercially. The number of large enterprises that treat this as an industry is limited. ORDAS, also known as "ORTADOĞU AKVARIUM", which produces in Bergama, can be seen as the largest aquarium fish producing enterprise in our country, which can set an example for the sector. This can be stated for the years that this book was prepared. Our wish is to increase the number of businesses in this field and to allow our country to enter the European market, which is a very large market. It should not be forgotten that it is always possible for aquarium fish to be produced as durable and high quality to take place in the European and World markets.


 Picture:(Top) Aquarium fish farming is a developed sector in Singapore. Millions of aquarium fish are grown both outdoors and indoors and exported to countries around the world.

 (Bottom) Goldfish production in Florida in the USA is an important sector. In order for this issue to develop in our country, illegal aquarium fish attempts must be prevented. If necessary, the tax on goldfish imports should be increased. Practical practices to prevent tax and fish evasion should be addressed due to the difficulty of counting in customs.

Aquarium fish farming and the related sector occupy an important commercial place in many countries. The export of aquarium fish, especially by far east countries to developed countries such as Europe, USA and Japan, is an important source of income for the breeders working in these countries. It is known that the income from wholesale fish sales in the United States is 963 million dollars and the retail sales amount is around 3 billion dollars. When the issue is handled worldwide, it is reported that there is an annual trade volume of around 30 billion dollars with the production and sales of aquarium fish as well as related materials. It has been recorded that the amount of fish imported by European countries from far east countries is 109 million dollars. Considering the climatic conditions and breeding opportunities in our country, it is possible to breed many aquarium fish. If the subject is handled consciously and encouraged, it is possible to establish successful businesses in our country. It is also possible that our country will gain foreign currency income from this.

As a country that breeds aquarium fish and markets fish to the whole world, we can cite Singapore as an example. There are many businesses that breed aquarium fish in this country. It is reported that approximately 0/050 of the 1,000 species cultivated in the world are grown in this country. The amount of fish exported for 2002 is 230 million pieces. They buy some of it from nearby countries and export it. It was recorded that the number of fish produced in 64 farms in Singapore is 110 million. The amount of cultivation area is 1330 decares. Thus, Singapore has become the center of world aquarium fish import and export. It is reported that the number of countries to which they export aquarium fish is around 70. Indonesia is another country working on aquarium fish production and export, and it is recorded that they export to 52 countries.

Thailand is one of the successful countries in aquarium fish production and export. The number of families working with this issue is 3,000. The number of fish varieties produced is around 500.

Successful studies have been carried out in countries such as Japan and China. As can be understood from these explanations, aquarium fish farming is an important source of income for many countries within the scope of aquaculture. The time period for most aquarium fish to hatch and ship to the market is between 3-5 months. Therefore, in our country, in the southern regions, it is possible to successfully raise aquarium fish in open ponds in summer. It is also a common practice to breed in closed facilities. For this reason, there are opportunities for the development of this sector in our country in terms of export as well as in terms of the domestic market.





         The firm established in Bergama (upper and lower picture) is the largest aquarium fish production facility in our country. It was founded by brothers CEYHAN COŞKUN and CÜNEYT KAYAIARLIOGLU and it is also managed by these names. Its annual capacity is around 3 million. The number of fish varieties produced by the company is around 50. It includes many species such as guppy, plati, swordtail, angel, gromi, discus, japanese etc. It is an example showing that aquarium fish farming can be done successfully in commercial and technical aspects in our country. Fish imported from foreign countries uncontrolled in our country are generally not durable. Aquarium lovers are often deceived in this regard. Aquarium fish farming should be encouraged in our country and efforts should be made to increase similar facilities. Import should be restricted for the development of the sector. Only fish that cannot be produced in our country should be allowed to be imported. We hope that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs can solve the problem by focusing on this issue and contribute to the development of the sector as a branch of aquaculture. Tel: +90 (232) 632 72 63

        In order to increase such enterprises, it is necessary to control the amount of goldfish imported, to prevent illegal imports and to take serious measures at customs. The climatic conditions of our country are suitable for this production. If it is supported, we are certain that the sector will develop.